UAMY CEO says #1 “Make me an offer”. United States Antimony Failure?

NYSE-UAMY_ raises millions but finds it difficult to put a website up.

UAMY says “Make me an offer”

United States Antimony CEO and Director Mr. Russell Lawrence had clearly said that the company that sells Antimony, Zeolite, Gold, and Silver was for sale when prompted by Newsweed staff journalist, Mark Nejmeh. In a long and tiring investor call, Mr. Lawrence reacted to whether or not it would be better just to do a merger with a larger company to provide a better return for stockholders. It is certain Mr. Lawrence did say “Make me an offer” and this can be verified in the recorded transcript.

NYSE-UAMY-United States Antimony Corp. 48 Cox Gulch Rd,

CEO implies that increasing meth use in the area limits their ability to hire. Nobody can do Antimony. Do we keep it a secret?

The call can be heard with these details @Confirmation code/Replay Passcode: 3276713
Toll free: 1-888-203-1112
International: 1-719-457-0820

We will study the transcript further and give all bullet points, positive and negative, to the best of our ability.