It’s 4:20 at Sky High Munchies

Sky High MunchiesSo being a New Jersey-based company ourselves, like Sky High Munchies, you can imagine that it’s a big deal for us that the bill finally passed legalizing marijuana recreationally. As usual, the bureaucrats are dragging their heels as far as all the regulations concerning recreational dispensaries. Basically, it’s legal but who or where do I get it from? Am I supposed to buy it off the street or travel across state lines with it? That, I’m fairly certain, is still very much illegal. Well as AA or NA would say, “There is a solution”.

The Company

It’s not the first time that this has been done by a long shot, the old rope-a-dope. Smoke and mirrors if you will. Long story short, you buy some real expensive snacks and get a bag of bud for free. Let me elaborate on that a bit though, because Sky High Munchies seem to have their shit together. I first heard about them on my local radio station Jersey’s 101.5, which happens to be the home of one of my favorite morning show guys, Bill Spadea. Anyways, they have a few custom snack packages of varying prices, the cheapest of which comes to about $165 and that is with the 14-gram gift. They have only been in business for a couple of weeks now so I do believe they have been out of stock of the cheaper packages ever since the mention on 101.5. In fact, the very next day they had to hire a few more drivers to fulfill their “delivery within 24-hourS” policy. As of right now, their “gifts” are theExample of Sky High Munchies Purple Punch Indica (19% THC) and the Wonder Women Hybrid (15% THC). Everyone I’ve spoken to has been very happy with their wares.

The Future of Sky High Munchies

Sky High Munchies absolutely blew up overnight. You know though, it is only a matter of time before New Jersey gets its shit together. Where do you get your weed from when you can just walk into your neighborhood dispensary? I know I would probably choose the dispensary. I mean, you can choose from a whole store full of different strains for one. Secondly, I’m pretty sure dispensaries can offer the consumer a better price. So where does that leave Sky High Munchies? Well if I know New Jersey, they’ve got a while to ride this wave because it will be a while before we get all our ducks in a row concerning the proper regulation of weed. So for now we’ll be sparking one up thanks to our good ole buds over at Sky High Munchies.

If you’re a resident of New Jersey, check out this link to the new bill.