New Music app: UpYours

    Wyoming: Appy LLC has released UpYours, an easy to use app that immediately allows you to publish your music for money. An agreement has been made with Lovappy to promote and sell music in a very different method than ever used before. Lovappy music is used to communicate emotion and desire. It is simple. The musician uploads their music, and it is immediately available on Lovappy with the lyrics. If a Lovappy user wants to send the song to another Lovappy user as a gesture, then the first user pays, and both users get a download of the song. The musician gets $.40 immediately, and that can really add up. The musician can remove their music at any time. Lovappy acts as a publisher and promoter through Lovappy Radio. Lovappy has worldwide users and is a unique, voice-based dating app. Lovappy also will produce pop-up concerts and invite individual performers for paid gigs. Download UpYours today. Lovappy provides three ways to reach potential dates. Voice message, music with lyrics, and by sending a gift. Cannabis users are especially fond of Lovappy because they can highlight their preference for weed. Download UPYOURS today.