Looking for a cannabis lover? Take a hit of Lovappy.

    The app Lovappy can be found in all of the app stores. It is a voice-based dating app with very unique methods of communicating. A user can reach out by sending a voice message, sending a song and highlighting lyrics, or sending a gift. The app is free. It is great for the pro-Cannabis user because within the profile, cannabis use is specified. Let’s face it: if you use cannabis you should be with someone that uses it, too. Most cannabis fans are also huge music fans. Lovappy focuses on promoting new musicians and helping them profit from their music. The company hopes that as the number of musicians grows on the site, along with the number of daters, that Lovappy will be able to produce pop-up concerts. Lovappy runs Lovappy Radio which allows the user to listen to voices just like a radio, occasionally interrupting with new music the way that a broadcast station works.