Munchies – November 2019

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A little about me: An East Coaster now living in the Official “Middle of Nowhere” Montana. I’ve been cooking professionally for over 30 years and currently own a small cooking school/catering operation. More about me in future issues but be assured, I’m fascinating and loveable.

For this first installment, I’d like to talk about some ideas for post-smoke cravings, affectionately called “The Munchies”. How many times have you found yourself stuffing your face with stale corn chips and a leftover soggy sandwich because you didn’t think ahead? Being hungry and high is not the best time to visit the local gas station or convenience store as your bank balance and fat ass will attest to the next day. With just some preplanning, your cravings don’t have to be a burden, but rather an opportunity to increase your enjoyment of food and flavors.

So let’s talk about those cravings. I put them into two categories: Immediate Satisfaction and Sensory Exploration. Let’s face it, sometimes it truly does not matter to you what you shove down your pie hole because you just need to fill that void. No judgement but you are going to hate yourself in the morning. Stop the madness by keeping healthy, flavorful and easy-to-grab snacks on hand. Things like Smoked Almonds, Ripe fruit and berries, dark chocolate, and especially Low Carb Ice Cream (I love Halo Top! And their selection of flavors is

For those of you who want to really experience new cuisines and flavors, think about ethnic foods. If you’ve never had Indian food while high, you are truly missing out on the complex and intricate flavors of this cuisine. Granddaddy Purple or Afghan Kush promote an increased appetite as well as an amazing sense of relaxation and will heighten the flavors of any foods you crave. Note: Be wary of spicy foods as they can be overwhelming. Pickled and vinegar-heavy recipes can also be unpleasant.

Lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s store nearby? ( Their selection of out of the ordinary oven ready and easy to prepare meals is unmatched. Indian Butter Chicken, Tikka Masala, Pad Thai, and other yummies can be kept in your freezer and cooked in the microwave. Let’s face it, relaxed and high is not the time to be using a sharp knife or grabbing a hot pan. They also have an amazing selection of snacks that are more than the average brownie.

I asked a few friends what their favorite go-to foods post-smoke are and got answers that ranged from Cool Ranch Doritos to German Chocolate Cake with a shot of Bourbon to chase it down. What are your favorites and why? Do you have a favorite store brand of meals you like? How about a restaurant that’s a must visit? Let me know!