..-::-.November 2019 Horoscopes.-::-..

ARIES .. <>.<> ..  – re-storying rhythm 
. .<>. .<>. . Mar 20 – Apr 20 <<<> . . <> . .
Too often we exert our energy to the point of exhaustion. We can better support ourselves by varying the tempo we pulse through each day, attuning to the needs of our bodies and minds. Be the composer of your own song, your own life, it’s dynamics, crescendos, diminuendos and tonality. Renewal and reprieve manifest physically when we turn our awareness to the preservation of our energy source. Where are energy goes, change follows. By redirecting this current to the rhythm of our truest intentions, our creative horizons widen. Restoring ourselves begins at finding truth in our own voice. This renewal is sustained when we honor our intrinsic wisdom that intends to unveil our soul’s desires. Thrive as you explore narrowing down where you exert energy.

TAURUS .. <>.<> .. – time is yours
. .<>. .<>. .Apr 20 – May 21 <<<> . . <> . .
Ever feel as though there is not enough time? This thought is self defeating and in actuality, time, to a large extent is your own. Our perception and use of time determines what change takes motion within our lives. When we feel that time is not our own, an explanation stemming from the doubt of the intellect always follows. Divert away from resorting to justification. Reasoning is unnecessary and monotonous on so many levels. In fact, rationalizing can directly lead you into a cycle of self sabotage. When you make yourself a priority, time becomes your own. Live in the moment by doing something that you feel there hasn’t been time for. You will sustain momentum in your pace and experience a seamless sense of “timelessness.” 

GEMINI .. <>.<> .. – Make up your mind 
. . .<>. .<>>>. .May 21 – Jun 21 <<<> . . <> . .
Divided between the desire of the personality and intentions of the soul, the only way to relieve yourself from suffering in this duality is to clearly recognize your intentions. Have you intended to go one way, but ended up going another? Consider what intentions, perhaps subconscious, could have influenced this eventuality. Identify your vision for the future and determine the intention that most greatly impacts your choices. Become aware of the thoughts that instigate the change you aspire for and the mind will align to the path of your highest purpose. When making decisions, the strongest intention, consciously recognized or not, will determine the outcome. Decisively adjust your focus to support the influence of your intentions on your physical life.

CANCER .. <>.<> .. Empty to fill
. .<>. .<>. .Jun 21 – Jul 23 <<<> . . <> . .
You already know that your focus is currently off-kilter, as in, being strung between every ligament connecting pending doom to impending gloom. You really are between the devil and the deep blue sea. . : .Through communicative interaction, you may feel a need to understand everything, but just understand yourself. Swallow whole your own truth, and regurgitate it.  Begin to release the hold you have on all preconceptions of resorting to just “running until…empty? Or near empty?” and actually prepare for what may or may not occur. You don’t need to adapt to your circumstances, you need to adapt to the act of prior planning when making decisions.  Make space, and empty yourself of internalized expectations. Simply take a peak from another perspective. As you surrender to stillness to understand the incentive of what is (and can be) at play, remember that you are A-PART of a whole, and that whole is A-PART of you.

LEO.. <>.<> ..  – widespread creative horizons
. .<>. .<>>>. Jul 23 – Aug 23  . <<<> . . <> . .
When in doubt, create. If you’re feeling indecisive of where to direct your attention, turn to your creativity. Not sure if you’re “in the mood” to do a particular activity or task? The act of just beginning to express yourself creatively will ignite the flame inspiration. 

VIRGO.. <>.<> ..  – cultivating truth 
. .<>. .<>>>. Aug 23 – Sep 23 <<<> . . <> . .
Your strength is revealed if and when you are able to own the entirety of self through the intimate process of turning inward. Expose your essence through the many acts of connecting with your truth.  Consciously acknowledging your fears will allow you to cultivate strength in areas of yourself where you’ve felt vulnerable. Identify the source of motivation underlying every action and response. Feel yourself in the now, embody this in every moment, be present and empowered as you make decisions. Your integrity becomes clear when you are impeccable with your word.

LIBRA.. <>.<> ..  . .<>. .<>. .Sep 23 – Oct 23 <<<> . . <> . .Our minds, always calculating, do not always deliver truth, yet our bodies physically react to the continuous stream of thought we are conscious of. Consider redirecting your thoughts to positively influence your behaviors, first by recognizing the influence internal thought has over external action. Beginning to loosen our hold on the comfort of familiarity and sever attachment to the seams of the mind, we connect to our intention and adjust our behavior to better serve our highest purpose. Have you allowed yourself to listen to your gut? Project change into reality through the voice of your heart and you’ll effortlessly sustain your energy as you journey. 

SCORPIO .. <>.<> ..  translating memories
. .<>. .<>. .Oct 23 – Nov 22 <<<> . . <> . .
You are skilled in translating events of your past to accurately perceive the present. We are often completely reliant on memory to make sense of current aspects of our lives. The emotions that flow, pour and empty through us uniquely validate our life experience. Feelings crystalize in the memory and can be noticed when we return to our past to apply its lessons to the present. By what means have you arrived to where you are now? And how do you feel about the avenues you’ve sought? Weaving through memories, in the then and now,  identify what cycles you find yourself wound around, and explore the realm of another cipher. If there is a particular avenue that has burdened you, you must contemplate the true source of motivation behind taking such a path with greater risk than reward.

SAGITTARIUS .. <>.<> .. – down to size
. .<>. .<>. .Nov 22 – Dec 22 <<<> . . <> . .
Time allows your reference point to shift and with a broadened perspective you’ll begin to see more clearly. Communicate with your past self and toward your present to solidify your intention of positive change with yourself in the present moment. Take the time to reflect on your choices and how they’ve supported you to arrive where you are. Feel empowered as you make decisions that support your, and others greatest good. Remember that Love will dissipate the presence of fear and sharpen your intelligence.

CAPRICORN .. <>.<> .. – Self-Awareness
. .<>. .<>. . Dec 22 – Jan 20 <<<> . . <> . .

It is wise to be self aware. Find strength in the willingness to work with what you have. Begin taking steps to express awareness of your own vulnerabilities to another individual. Admitting your shortcomings will directly take refuge over all that ails you, as by recognizing your perceived hindrances, you are not deafened by the white noise of doubt. Take a look at what’s concerning you from a perspective other than your own. Perceiving life from the eyes of a witness removes judgement when facing a dilemma and better prepares you to prevent aversion from manifesting. Facing our own truth allows us to acknowledge what is, as it is, while not being defeated by varying circumstances at hand. In the here and now, listen to your intuition to arrive in acceptance of all life’s uncertainties.

AQUARIUS .. <>.<> .. – restoring authenticity .
.<>. .<>. .Jan 20 – Feb 18<<<> . . <> . .
Detach from expectations of yourself to be recognized by others. When one depends on another for approval, they are in turn disempowered in their own mission. Disappointment always follows comparisons, speculations and weighings heavily on judgement.You may resort to deflecting negativity to maintain a sense of optimism, but is this optimism coming from a place of authenticity? The fear of being seen, heard and recognized, or fearing the sparse acknowledgment of your accomplishments and failures alike stimulates the development of resentments and hinders your innate ability to move forward. Maintain your momentum to restore your own authenticity. 

PISCES .. <>.<> .. – when in doubt, create 
. .<>. .<>. .Feb 18 – Mar 20 <<<> . . <> . .
Have you ever found yourself inadvertently paralyzed by your own life circumstances? While the continuous cycle of creation and destruction is engaging to the mind, it washes out the bright hue of our essence. You may not be responsible for current circumstances but you are responsible for your own healing and journey towards change. By choosing to honor your truth, you divert from self sabotage. Utilize all avenues available to you that strengthen your own growth and transformation. While incessantly experiencing the polarities of creation and destruction, the impeccability of heart becomes significantly exhausted of its life force. Clearly identify your motives and communicate your purpose to stimulate the outcome you anticipate. Continue to further align with your integrity. Engage in your confidence to manifest the change that relieves you from a known pain.