Movie: Zombieland Double Tap (High Review)

On this crisp Saturday night, I stared down at the freshest bong of weed and wax to prepare myself for the evening’s events, Zombieland Double Tap. The sequel to the comedic zombie movie starring Woody Harrelson and a bunch of other fun actors. How could you go wrong? Well in my opinion, you cannot. The movie was filled with action, adventure and a powerful comedic angle that made this movie fun and enjoyable the whole way through. Other than the need for liquid refreshment to cure the cottonmouth left by “Lemon kush OG” and generous amounts of wax, you just didn’t want to take your eyes off the big screen. Sometimes you never know when it comes to sequels, but Zombieland Double Tap did not disappoint. A continuing story-line that worked with non-stop comedy and action along with some funny cameos. This movie was a pleasure to see, especially after getting as high as I possibly could. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the big bags and baskets of weed the hippies in the movie had and how the final moments of the movie were blessed with weed leaf fireworks. Awesome! Seay the Grey definitely recommends seeing this movie high, bring some friends, smoke some bowls and have some laughs. 

10 out of 10 stars