Book Review- “90* to Zamboanga” by Dan Decamp staff writer


” 90* degrees to Zamboanga” is the autobiography, true-story account of marijuana smuggler Rick Bibbero. Rick lead a life that most of us can only dream of, adventures on the high seas, fast cars, beautiful woman, and a lavish but care-free, easy-going lifestyle of traveling the world. And yet if you are like me you’ve never heard of him until after you’ve read “90* degrees to Zamboanga”. It tells the story of a young man growing up finding his way in life which turns out to be an international marijuana smuggler.

So have you ever had or heard of the infamous strand of weed known as “Thai Sticks?” Well unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few decades you probably have and chances are it was imported by Rick and his crew, or he was involved somehow truth be told. But as they say, “if you do the crime, you got to do the time”, and that’s no exception for Rick Bibbero and the rest of the boys in “90* degrees to Zamboanga”. What’s interesting also is hearing this story told from the perspective of the other side, via FBI special agent Jim Conklin. I happened to think it pretty cool that Rick could sit down with his nemesis, Jim Conklin, some 30 odd years later and get his point of view on the whole situation and course of events.

“90* degrees to Zamboanga” has a got a lot to offer the avid reader. It matters not whether you partake of the sweet leaf or not. It’s part autobiography, part true crime, but reads like an action-adventure novel, and a good one at that. Physically it is quite the hefty tome, but I was sad when it was over. I could have and would have gladly kept reading the tale of marijuana smuggler Rick Bibbero. All in all a great read and I “highly” recommend it whether you are high or dry.


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